Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Then and Now

Below is a section of a self-portrait I finished yesterday. The painting will be included in my upcoming exhibition (6-25 Oct). Coincidentally it is almost the identical angle of a self-potrait I did eight years ago in 2000, so it makes for a nice comparison.
Detail Self Portrait (2008)
Detail Self Portait (2000) I don't think either of them look exactly like me, but they do look quite similar to eachother. I didn't realise how much until I put the two images next to eachother. My style has evolved a little but hasn't changed much in essence really. Someone asked me a few weeks ago, why artists always paint self-portaits - implying that it was a very egotistical thing to do. I had to laugh, because I've done a good few of them over the years. My main reason is that I sometimes get an urge to paint a portrait, and well, there isn't always a model around in the middle of the night! Also, a lecturer once told me that self portraits are a good starting point when you haven't drawn in a while, so I often go back to doing one when it's been a few months. But yes I suppose they are a little self-indulgent...

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