Wednesday, October 29, 2008

CC AFRICA launches new name

One of my longstanding clients CC AFRICA, launches their new name to the public today. This exciting news makes it onto my blog because I had the honour of playing a small (tiny) part in the build-up to this - basically by doing some drawing and posters to encapsulate the feeling of their new name and the direction they are headed. Below is a quote from their email announcement which unveils the new name and logo.
"We have expanded our boundaries and have grown beyond our African borders. And now we also have a beautiful name to match… &BEYOND."
and here's the new logo:
For more info on the name change go here.
new website:
Having done bits and bobs of illustration work for CC AFRICA (now &BEYOND) over the past few years, I have always found them to be an absolute pleasure to deal with. They are a great bunch of people, and they run inceredible luxury lodges in some of the most beautiful places on earth. They also contribute greatly to the conservation and upliftment of their environments. An awesome company that deserves a big CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Below: A poster I created for them - hand drawn with black fineliner, coloured in photoshop:
(I showed only snippets of this before, not wanting to give it all away...).

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Elizabeth Sparg said...

No I didn't jump the gun on this one. It was only posted today, the 30th. My time thingy is just a bit screwed up.