Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pic for the Week 1

This is my first post for my very ambitious 'Pic for the Week' project. The idea is that I do and post a quick sketch every week, mainly to keep me drawing from life (as opposed to working from photographs - which has become a bit of a bad habit), but also as a journal of sorts. This week's sketch is of a mannequin that has been lurking around the studio for a few months. She used to be naked, but somewhere along the way she got dressed in a black collared shirt and white tie (must be a Sharks supporter). Actually - the naked one may have been a different mannequin altogether. Anyway... I thought it fitting to do a sketch from inside my studio seeing as I am moving out of it in a week or so. I did this to pass the time this morning, waiting to take down my exhibition downstairs.

or at least - I started it and then got distracted by the structure through the window behind her...

so my camera came out...

will post those pics next. My exhibition is down now, and I am waiting for the post-show-depression that I have been warned about, to set in. So far so good.

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