Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Artist's Statement

Last week I submitted an entry for The Nivea Art Award. Entries had to include images of your work, an artist's statement and a brief art CV. I found writing up the artist's statement was a great way to reflect on my work and how it holds together as a whole (if it does at all). It also made me think a bit more about what interests me, where I've come from, and the direction I choose to go in. Wish me luck! Artist’s Statement: Over the past few years, my work has largely been based on people and scenes which surround me. I try to capture the beauty of a scene or a movement, and the liveliness or mood, in a way that the viewer can feel something of that moment, or get a sense of my interpretation of that moment. I often work in bold, bright colours, exaggerating the sometimes subtle hues of nature that can be easily overlooked. I love the fluidity and malleability of oil paint the most, and the way you can literally mix your colours on your canvas, often finishing a work quickly, in one sitting. Recently, through my work as an illustrator, I began painting in Photoshop with my pen-tablet, and I now find myself drawn towards animation as an art form as well. I am excited by the possibilities of combining traditional and digital art in new ways, and using animated sequences of layered artworks to communicate a story. I am beginning to experiment with concepts and combinations of digital and traditional painting and have just started attending a course in animation to acquire the necessary technical skills. I am curious to see where the defining line is drawn between ‘illustration” or “commercial art’, and ‘fine-art’, in our gallery culture, and how combinations of these art-forms are received by the public. Art CV: 1996 Bachelor of Arts majoring in Fine Art and Psychology (University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg) 1997 BA Honours Psychology (University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg) 2001 Foundation Course in Art Therapy (Ububela Centre, Johannesburg) Group exhibition (Healing through Creative Arts Conference, Museum Africa) 2003 Co-founded Sugar Design House (small graphic design company) 2004 Underwent brain surgery for removal of tumor 2005 Resigned from Sugar Design House to pursue career in painting and freelance illustration. Exhibited a few times at Artists under the Sun, Zoolake, Jhb 2007 Group exhibition (The Singing Fig Restaurant, Jhb) Group exhibition "Dance" (The Johannesburg Civic theatre) Moved to Durban and worked in studio space at artSPACE durban Exhibited at "Affordable Arts" (artSPACE durban) 2008 Member's Exhibition "Identity" (KZNSA) Exhibited in Middle Gallery at artSPACE durban “Nice to Meet You” (October) Exhibited at "Affordable Arts" (artSPACE durban) 2009 Part-time Animation student (Centre for Fine Art, Animation and Design, Durban) Part-time Fine-Art lecturer (Centre for Fine Art, Animation and Design, Durban) Freelance Illustrator and working artist with home studio.

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