Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More characters

These are my rough sketches of characters to use in my storyboard homework assignment. We've been given a short script to storyboard in the traditional way before moving on to the wonderful world of animation software and paperless processes.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Animation Lesson 2: Character Development

The next step was to take the character (see previous post) and develop it further. Firstly, by giving it different facial expressions (which I struggled with a bit - especially trying to keep the character looking like itself).
And then to draw the character in full, from a front, side, back and three quarter view - the beginnings of a Chracter Sheet.

The three-quarter view, I am told, is the most important when it comes to animation. I think it's because it's the one used the most?

So there he is: My first character! His facial expressions need a little work, and I think I should colour him and give him a name. And a story. There may be a future for him yet!

Animation Lesson 1: Simplifying Drawings

Coming from a traditional Fine-Art background I can draw anything you put in front of me, reasonably well, quite realisticly, and with loads of detail. But tell me to draw something from my imagination and I am a little stumped. The idea of drawing 'cartoons' has always made me a little nervous as I've never been very sure how/where you would start. But my first lesson in animation, happily cleared that one up for me .
The basic lesson was to find a picture of a person in a magazine and then draw him in a simplified form. Animating characters is easiest when they are simplified down to only a few lines.
So this was my first attempt:
The small head (in the shirt area) is my lecturere, Zayne's, example from the same mag image. He then told me to take this drawing and simplify it even further... to something that could be a Garfield character... and he quickly does a sketch of Jon. So here's my Garfield inspired attempt at the same character:
(Angry face in the middle is Zayne's sketch showing how the shape of a characters glasses can be used to create facial expressions. So simple!)

And now I've just come across the most brilliant Garfield site - Garfielf minus Garfield (the existential angst of Jon). Haha. Suddenly it all makes sense!! Check it out.

ps: Character developmen coming up in Lesson 2, so watch this space!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A dream I had last night

This painting is something completely different from what I usually do. In very very many ways. The sequence of events goes someting like this: 1. I wake up this morning (annoyed) to a neighbour singing at the top of his voice (can't for the life of me remember the song... one of those "morning has broken" religiousy ones that everyone knows) 2. I realise I was in the middle of a dream and can remember it vividly. In the dream, it is some random scene with a bunch of us sitting around and a friend of mine (who is strangely, dressed in a suit) suddenly gets on one knee and proposes to me out of the blue (and I can still almost remember his exact words). The ring is one of those that are actually 3 rings... except they are made of rubber. Elated, I put the ring on. And then I wake up. 3. The proposing friend is incidentally, married, so don't ask me who it is because it doesn't really matter (I have always believed that people in your dreams are just symbolic). Anyway, what struck me was that I think this is the first dream I've EVER had of someone proposing to me. At least that I can remember. And throughout the day, my thoughts wander back to the dream... because it makes me feel good. And because I'm having a lazy Sunday. 4. A friend of mine sms's later in the day that she is busy painting a massive abstract painting to hang in her lounge. A few hours later she (probably jokingly) posts a Facebook request for some inspiration as the piece wasn't quite working out. 5. I have loads of images saved on my hard drive for exactly this purpose, so I go through them and send her a few that I like. 6. As I am sending them I suddenly think about a turquoise canvas with bright red hearts (very cheesy, but who cares) and I get the unstoppable urge to paint it. My table-cloth is turquoise, so I may even have somewhere to hang it. And this here is where I ended up. I actually quite like it. For now. Let me know what you think.

ps: Maybe the dead cupid in my friend's FB profile pic also had something to do with this. Yes Nikki, I blame you!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Self-Portrait

Self-Portrait March 2009 This one was done in class as a demonstration for my students on working with acrylics on a coloured ground, with a mirror. To see the students' portraits click here.

My Student's Work

I have just created a blog for my student's work here. Go and take a look. :)

A Quick Cutesie-Cute Invite

based on characters provided by the client

and another one:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You win some, you lose some

So, I made it throught the first round for the Nivea Art Award , into the top 36, but no further. Oh well, better luck next time.