Monday, March 30, 2009

Animation Lesson 1: Simplifying Drawings

Coming from a traditional Fine-Art background I can draw anything you put in front of me, reasonably well, quite realisticly, and with loads of detail. But tell me to draw something from my imagination and I am a little stumped. The idea of drawing 'cartoons' has always made me a little nervous as I've never been very sure how/where you would start. But my first lesson in animation, happily cleared that one up for me .
The basic lesson was to find a picture of a person in a magazine and then draw him in a simplified form. Animating characters is easiest when they are simplified down to only a few lines.
So this was my first attempt:
The small head (in the shirt area) is my lecturere, Zayne's, example from the same mag image. He then told me to take this drawing and simplify it even further... to something that could be a Garfield character... and he quickly does a sketch of Jon. So here's my Garfield inspired attempt at the same character:
(Angry face in the middle is Zayne's sketch showing how the shape of a characters glasses can be used to create facial expressions. So simple!)

And now I've just come across the most brilliant Garfield site - Garfielf minus Garfield (the existential angst of Jon). Haha. Suddenly it all makes sense!! Check it out.

ps: Character developmen coming up in Lesson 2, so watch this space!

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Elizabeth Sparg said...

In hindsight, my dude should have a much smaller neck if he wants to play a cameo role in Garfield. I didn't have the real Garfield to refer to at the time, so stop making out like it's all my fault!!! ;P