Sunday, March 29, 2009

A dream I had last night

This painting is something completely different from what I usually do. In very very many ways. The sequence of events goes someting like this: 1. I wake up this morning (annoyed) to a neighbour singing at the top of his voice (can't for the life of me remember the song... one of those "morning has broken" religiousy ones that everyone knows) 2. I realise I was in the middle of a dream and can remember it vividly. In the dream, it is some random scene with a bunch of us sitting around and a friend of mine (who is strangely, dressed in a suit) suddenly gets on one knee and proposes to me out of the blue (and I can still almost remember his exact words). The ring is one of those that are actually 3 rings... except they are made of rubber. Elated, I put the ring on. And then I wake up. 3. The proposing friend is incidentally, married, so don't ask me who it is because it doesn't really matter (I have always believed that people in your dreams are just symbolic). Anyway, what struck me was that I think this is the first dream I've EVER had of someone proposing to me. At least that I can remember. And throughout the day, my thoughts wander back to the dream... because it makes me feel good. And because I'm having a lazy Sunday. 4. A friend of mine sms's later in the day that she is busy painting a massive abstract painting to hang in her lounge. A few hours later she (probably jokingly) posts a Facebook request for some inspiration as the piece wasn't quite working out. 5. I have loads of images saved on my hard drive for exactly this purpose, so I go through them and send her a few that I like. 6. As I am sending them I suddenly think about a turquoise canvas with bright red hearts (very cheesy, but who cares) and I get the unstoppable urge to paint it. My table-cloth is turquoise, so I may even have somewhere to hang it. And this here is where I ended up. I actually quite like it. For now. Let me know what you think.

ps: Maybe the dead cupid in my friend's FB profile pic also had something to do with this. Yes Nikki, I blame you!!