Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kung Fu Guy

Busy doing my homework for my animation course. I based my Kung Fu guy on the 'Awakened Monk' photo I found here. They're probably going to tell me he is not simplified or 'cartoony' enough, too sketchy, so I'll probably be posting another version of him soon. (You can't see all the sketchy lines and detail too well here - the image is just too small - but you can click on it for a bigger version.) He does need some cleaning up.
We have a few characters to draw in specific poses... and this is the only one I like so far. Anyone got a good reference of a fat guy eating a sandwhich - pref three-quarter view?
09/05 Update:
Lecturer says this style is A-ok. My main concern was that in the real world of CG animation, where there are many animators working on one production, this style doen't lend itself well to easy reproduction... but I was reminded that main stream animation is not the only route to go, and that it's not a bad thing to be different (duh... funny that I needed to be told that considering my reasons for studying animation in the first place... which I seem to have lost sight of). I was directed to look up the work of Yoji Shinkawa, a Japanese concept artist with a 'sort-of similar' style. Apparently he draws with a pen/brush that has only three tiny hairs and achieves some awesome detail.
Yoji Shinkawa
Also, let's not forget, one of my favourite artists of all time, South Africa's own artistic genius, voted one of Time's 100 most influential people 2009, William Kentridge.
William Kentridge
If you don't know who he is - shame on you! Here's a link to clips of some of his animated work:

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