Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Next Artists' Walkabout, and Seminar at KZNSA

Hey, for anyone that missed the last artists' walkabout of our exhibiton MINE at KZNSA, we are doing another one this Sunday (29 Nov) at 10:30am just before we start taking down and packing up. We had a great turn out at the last one, thanks to all who came! I hope you enjoyed hearing from the artists what our work is about and how it was made. We are also doing a public presentation/seminar type thing this Thursday evening (27th Nov) at 6pm where we'll each present some of our findings on a variety of art related research topics - art movements, particular artists etc... accompanied by a little slide show. It's open to the public, no charge, at the KZNSA. Check the website link in my post below for more details or drop me a mail.

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