Monday, December 13, 2010

Latest Website Projects - design and development

My new website design below, best appreciated if you play with your browser window size and see how the site adapts by shifting it's boxes (on the home page) and resizing images
(o the project pages) whilst still keeping menu and info boxes fixed and glued to edges.
It did pose a few design challenges as things would be shifting depending on the users screen size, but I'm happy with it in the end. Even if you zoom right out, the site design still works. The only thing I might change is the background grey, but I have tried some images and background patterns and haven't fond anything I like enough yet, that doesn't detract too much from the portfolio work on show. Anyway, let me know what you think.

design section above slides across to reveal the art section below

And here are some of the client websites I completed in the last month or so: at this stage just a one page site
ohoty temporary site home (this one includes my own illustration and flash animation and is a completely horizontal website - I have some refinements in mind for the final publication of the site which should improve the overall usability - watch this space) and last but not least: simple yet effective, her beautiful paintings are what makes the site!

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