Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pinterest Rocks

Remember the days when you used to cut out pics of things you liked from Magazines and stick them in your school diary? Prestik them inside the lid of your old school wooden desk,
or pin them up on one of those icky felt boards? If you do, you may have grown into one of those people (like me) with an ''ideas'' folder or seven on you hard drive, jammed full of random pics you've saved from all over the interenet over many years. The folders are a little disorganised and you can't really 'find' anything in there, they take up loads of disk space, and there's no chance you'll ever remember what site something's from.

And you know when you find one of those products that you never thought you needed, and then wonder how you ever lived without? Well Pinterst is something like that.
About a week ago a (very cool) friend of mine introduced me to it and I am already hooked! I may even go as far as to say that it has replaced my Facebook addiction! If you haven't heard of Pinterest it's pretty much a virtual pinboard for all the things you love. And the best part is that, you get to see everybody else's pins... more and more beautiful things, clever ideas, and oodles of inspiration to pick from; AND every pic links back to original site where it was found... so you can actually track down that recipe, hire that photographer or buy those boots one day.
To give you an idea... this is what it looks like: (these are everyone's posts on the 'everything' page)

Once you have created your profile (you have to be invited to join, so request an invite or get a friend to invite you) you then create different pinboards for different categories which people can follow all or some of if they want to. I just love that I can keep all the stuff I like, categorized in one place:

(Be sure to read the Pin Etiquette so you don't piss people off)

I've got some great decor ideas from there. Can definitely see the benefits for planning weddings/functions, kids parties, etc.
Like I said, I love Pineterst. And it gives me something to do during the boring bits of Isidingo. :)

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jabulisa 2010 at DAG

I was honoured to have 2 of my works selected for Jabulisa 2010 "The Art and Craft of KwaZulu-Natal". The exhbition opened at the Tatham Art Gallery (Pmb) in June last year and in December it travelled to the Durban Art Gallery where I finally got a chance to see all the work and get my grubby paws on a catalogue. "The key role of Jabulisa is to reflect the best of current artistic practice in KwaZulu-Natal, the selection process was appropriately inclusive and wide-ranging, aiming to display excellent work by professional artists, part-time practitioners, craftspeople, designers, established artists and less well-know artists in a variety of media."

my lightboxes, 2nd from the right (above)

Stunning catalog complete with CD in the back.
The exhibition closes at the DAG this Sunday 23 Jan and then travels to Empangeni, Eshowe and Newcastle.