Saturday, May 19, 2012

Genius Fail

I have been using a graphic tablet device for many years. The Wacom tablet has always been out of my price range and as such the first tablet I bought myslef was a Genius. Years later I got to try out someone's Wacom and it responded a little differently to what I was used to so I decided to stick with the Genius products and continue to use them. However, yesterday my G-Pen 450 stopped working. I have replaced the battery, replaced the pen tip, re-installed the CD, and downloaded the driver off the internet. Still not working. I have tried it on 3 different machines, all of which it worked on just days ago. I have tried it in different USB ports.

Another sad G-pen, being ignored by it's tablet.
The problem is, the tablet is being recognised - I get a message saying the device is installed and ready to use when I plug it in, and the little tablet icon appears at the bottom of my screen as normal, but I get no response of any sort when I tap the pen to it. In total I have bought 4 Genius tablets in the last 7 years and each time they get to this point - the pen just stops working. For no good reason. And each time I go out and buy another one, because there never seems to be any solutions to the problem, and because I have yet to actually see another brand of tablet in any shop in South Africa. Even if I could afford a Wacom (the Oscar winner of tablets), I would apparently have to go overseas to get it. Yes, it's a little out of my price range.

So my question is this: Is the Genius tablet just a really shoddy product, or is this fail that inevitably happens at all avoidable or fixable? It is worth noting that I do not use my tablet on a daily basis, but once in a blue moon for a few days and then again a few weeks later, so it can hardly be a wear and tear issue.I have had it for under two years. I know people who are still using their Wacom's ten years on.

I have Googled my problem endlessly today and all I find are a bunch of other unhappy souls with the same problem... and no solution. If anyone out there has an answer, or would like to send me a decent tablet, I would be ecstatic to hear from you. After years of using this make of product and encouraging others to buy it even though EVERY TIME it fails me, I must deduce that I am not all that clever, and neither is Genius.

Update: I have found somewhere to buy a Wacom tablet in South Africa! The on-line store: Don't know why I didn't think of them. I discovered them a few years back when I was looking for a particular art book and they were the only place that had it. I also discovered that they were R200 cheaper on another art book I had been looking at at Exclusive Books so I bought it straight away! Their priced are fantastic, cheaper every time, and their service is great, delivering to your door, and usually ahead of schedule. So now I just need to decide which Wacom I want from this lovely selection... and wait for my next pay cheque... :) Yay Loot!

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