Sunday, May 13, 2012

Have sketchbook, will sketch.

It's been a really, really, long time since I last posted anything. It's also been a really, really, long time since I've done anything arty or creative to post about. Not counting work, which is a bit creative I suppose, since it's web and graphic design (a real office job  *shudder*) or counting painting furniture (I've been doing a little house makeover.)

Anyway, I suddenly got the urge a few weeks back to do some personal artwork again. Don't really know what triggered it, but it's great and I'm getting a little addicted.

I hadn't put actual pencil to real paper in probably two or three years now(!), with all the digital stuff I've been doing for work, but I really wanted to get back to it. I also desperately wanted to start a sketchbook/ visual journal project - like these:

Every time I see one  (and there are loads of these beauties on-line) I feel pangs of envy and guilt that I haven't managed to make one yet myself. And I've always wanted to. For some reason I never get past the first few pages before losing interest. Nonetheless, a few weeks back I headed out with Pinterest-inspired high hopes and bought myself a shiny new (pink) sketch book. And promptly sat down to try to remember how to draw. With a pencil. On paper.

And it wasn't easy. The biggest challenge was not being able to Ctrl+z after I erased a huge portion of detail (the eyes), redrew, and then decided I preferred the first version and wanted to go back. Bugger. No undo. But here it is, my first, rather tentative, pencil sketch that I did in March, of my beautiful niece Hadas. It's drawn from a photograph.

Since then, I have only managed to fill two or three more pages of my sketchbook (hopeless, I know), but it did kick start me into working on some projects I have had in mind for a while, mostly to do with digital illustration, and large pieces I want to do for my home. I also received a phone call last week from a lady who bought one of my paintings a while back and has now commissioned me to do something new for her. Her timing is perfect and I am quite excited to get cracking on that. There is plenty going on to post about now, so watch this space, I will be back.

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