Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Stadiums of Durban

Last month - at the Shark Tank (aka Kinspark, ABSA or Mr Price stadium?).

We had great seats!

This month, my first visit to the Kingsmead Cricket Stadium for the finish of the Comrades Marathon.

And just the other day, the Moses Mabhida stadium for the Top Gear Festival!

The show was fantastic (maybe a bit short, but very exciting). And I love Moses. It's beautiful. But we discovered a flaw... we were seated in the 3rd row on the second level. Which is just under the very edge of the lip of the ceiling ie. where it opens to the sky. As evening turned to night... the seats filled up, the temperature dropped... and  the people behind us in row 4 got dripped on, for about half an hour. We got a few drops but not nearly as bad as those behind us who were really getting wet. It was a beautiful clear evening, so we can only assume it was condensation coming off the lip. Mmm... I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen.

Note: second level, row 4. You have been warned.

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