Saturday, June 30, 2012

Why is it that we are so surprised when we receive good service in this country?

Bad service is everywhere in South Africa. In fact, we have come to expect it. We get a LOT of bad service. And I am always complaining about it. But today, I am not going to complain. Because today, I went to Computer World in Hillcrest.

Just over a month ago I bought a Genius Easypen graphics tablet from them, against my better judgement.Genius is a relatively cheap product, that tends to break eventually, down the line, every time. But it is cheap, so you almost forgive them for that. Disappointingly, my new Easypen was faulty from the get go. I plugged it in once, just after purchase to test it and it worked fine. Then 2 or 3 weeks later when I actually needed to use it, the pen malfunctioned. It seemed  stuck in drawing mode, drew when you hovered anywhere above the tablet surface (which it should only do when you touch the surface) and couldn't click anywhere on your page, select anything etc. I emailed a support person in the US and they confirmed, the pen was faulty. They offered to send me a new one, but then found out I lived in South Africa and decided they weren't allowed to ship to me.

I phoned Computer World about it and they asked me to bring it in. I was concerned because it was almost a month after I had purchased it, and I knew I wouldn't be able to get to Hillcrest until today. They said, no problem, today would be fine. I was expecting a big hassle. Or at least a long wait while it gets sent off to the manufacturer for repair etc. I was prepared to argue, plead my case. There was none of that. Instead I got a really helpful gentleman who, after offering to send it off and promising to get me a new one within a week (a few days more at the most), heard my mumbles about Genius being cheap junk. He then said I should have bought a Wacom tablet in the first place (yes I know). I mumbled that they are expensive and you can't really find them. He pulled up a website, located the correct tablet for me, wrote down all the details I needed and then, quick as a flash, gave me back the R400 that I'd paid for the Genius, so that I could put it towards a new Wacom. Which I will buy online - not even through them! Really? That simple? And that helpful?! That is a very rare thing in these parts and should not go by unappreciated.

I left Computer World, a very happy (and slightly surprised) customer. And will continue to drive out of my way to go to them for computer stuff in the future. I long ago discovered that they have the cheapest cartridges in the whole of Durban (for my printer at least) at R20 or R30 a cartridge! And now I have discovered they also have the best service. Big up to Computer World. Thanks for making my life easier! :-)

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